Volvo EX90 EV SUV: The Future of Sustainable Luxury Driving

Automotive industries worldwide are experiencing remarkable transformation, driven by electric vehicle (EV) innovation leading the charge toward more environmentally friendly transportation options. Volvo, a renowned Swedish automaker, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation by introducing exceptional electric models.

Among them, the Volvo EX90 EV SUV stands out as a groundbreaking vehicle that aims to redefine the luxury electric vehicle market. In this article, we will explore the features, performance, and overall appeal of the EX90, examining whether it sets a new standard for luxury EVs.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV
Volvo EX90 EV SUV

Volvo EX90 EV SUV Range

Volvo’s EX90 electric SUV marks its new flagship model. A similarity between it and the XC90 has been noted; Volvo believes this car will set the pace for their future offerings.
This SUV features a 111 kWh battery pack and twin motor AWD to reach top speeds of 160 mph while covering approximately 300 miles on one charge – comparable to other luxury EVs such as Tesla Model X and BMW iX3.

Volvo wants to ease range anxiety by providing multiple interior “rooms”, featuring FSC-certified wood panels backlit in warm light, Nordico or Sativa seat upholstery made from bio-based materials and bases and carpets composed of partially recycled polyamide material. Furthermore, the EX90 will include a thermally efficient windshield which ensures maximum passenger comfort at low speeds.

Volvo will introduce bi-directional charging capabilities on the EX90 SUV, similar to what Ford F-150 Lightning and Hyundai Ioniq 5 offer. It will enable owners of this EV vehicle to send power back home or charge other electronic devices or even other EVs while away.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV Power

Volvo’s EX90 SUV provides enough power to get you where you need to be without touching the accelerator pedal, yet can detect when its driver becomes distracted, drowsy or otherwise not paying attention to the road. Once this occurs, alerts become increasingly urgent until finally pulling itself over and calling for assistance is needed.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV 2024 NEw
Volvo EX90 EV SUV 2024 NEw

Twin Motor Performance Model cars feature a 107 kWh battery pack and can reach 60mph in just 4.7 seconds, offering various driver assistance features like active cruise control and lane keeping assist to help maintain safe distance between other cars on the highway.

Inside you’ll find a 14.5-inch portrait-style infotainment display with Google built in and 5G connectivity, an 8.0-inch gauge cluster screen, a 25-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system that plays Dolby Atmos tunes through its front headrest speakers, as well as bidirectional charging capability that lets power be sent back from home or public chargers directly back into its battery pack.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV 2024 Technology

The Volvo EX90, replacing its popular predecessor XC90, takes advantage of parent company Geely’s SPA2 electric architecture. Its large 111 kilowatt-hour battery powers twin electric motors capable of producing 496 horsepower – going from zero to 60mph in around 4.7 seconds and offering up to 300 miles of range; though Volvo claims that its quick 250kW max DC charging rate allows owners to reach 80% within just 30 minutes!

Inside, the EX90 emphasizes eco-friendly materials and advanced technology. Customers have their choice between Nordico (a bio-resin made of pine needles and recycled plastic) or wool blend seat upholstery as well as FSC certified wood pieces backlit by warm light; there’s even a customizable 15″ infotainment screen which works seamlessly with native Google apps and voice activated Google Assistant!

The EX90 features innovative lidar sensors that enable it to sense objects more clearly than cameras and radar, including nodding drivers who nod off; warning them if this occurs and alerting drivers if children remain inside — which has helped save over 900 children’s lives since 1998!

Volvo EX90 EV SUV 2024
Volvo EX90 EV SUV 2024

Safety of Volvo EX90 EV SUV

Volvo promises that their EX90 SUV will be safer than its previous models, thanks to a suite of state-of-the-art sensors installed into its roof line and available from Luminar. A lidar system from this provider will detect pedestrians up to 250 meters away at highway speeds even with highway speeds as high as 60 mph; working alongside eight cameras, five radars and 16 ultrasonic sensors should make this one of the safest cars available today.

Two cameras trained on the driver’s eyes will monitor his or her focus and can tell when a driver becomes distracted, sleepy or otherwise not paying attention to the road. When this occurs, first warning nudges and then stopping will occur before ultimately stopping and activating hazard lights to protect other road users.

Volvo also hopes to address the problem of children dying in hot cars by using an interior radar system to sense occupant presence and prevent key fob locking doors. Furthermore, an infotainment screen with Google Auto functionality and climate controls will display warnings while providing comfortable temperatures for passengers.


The Volvo EX90 EV SUV truly sets a new standard for luxury electric vehicles. With its exceptional design, impressive performance, advanced technology, and commitment to sustainability, the EX90 captures the essence of luxury in the electric vehicle landscape. Volvo’s attention to detail, safety features, and dedication to reliability further elevate the EX90’s appeal.

As the world embraces the future of transportation, the EX90 emerges as an enticing choice for luxury vehicle enthusiasts seeking both opulence and environmental responsibility. Volvo’s innovative approach, coupled with the EX90’s elegance and power, positions it as a leading contender in the luxury electric vehicle market. By driving the EX90, owners can experience the thrill of a luxury SUV while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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