Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Price, Release date and Specs

Samsung’s 2023 product portfolio has been very remarkable, but the most exciting products are expected to debut in the second half of the year. The Galaxy Watch 6 line is one such example. The Galaxy Watch 5 family isn’t terrible, but it also isn’t a compelling advance over the Galaxy Watch 4 selection. Some encouraging rumors have surfaced regarding the Galaxy Watch 6 series. There’s a lot to dissect, including the new and improved software as well as the exciting display changes, CPU update, and return of a classic design. Here’s a detailed guide on Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

Features of Galaxy Watch 6


It has been speculated that this year’s Galaxy Watch 6 series would return to the “Classic” label originally used for the discontinued “Pro” model. Not only does the brand name make a comeback, but so does the iconic bezel from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. According to rumored renderings, the rotating bezel will make a comeback on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

This provides a more dependable method of interacting with UI elements than using touch inputs on a small screen with fussy capacity bezels. In addition, the spinning physical bezel is far more dependable in conditions where the screen is wet from rain or perspiration.

It’s still a Samsung smartwatch in every sense of the word. The black dial has a subtle metallic sheen and further color variations are expected to be available. The location of the buttons is likewise familiar, however, it is unknown if Samsung has made any adjustments to the biosensor assembly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 2024
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 2024


Samsung’s most recent iteration of smartwatches includes Super AMOLED displays protected by a sapphire crystal glass lens. The Galaxy Watch 6 lineup, though, maybe getting a refresh this year. SamMobile reports that Samsung has begun shipping commercial samples of its microLED display panels for use in smartwatches. The news follows whispers in the supply chain that Apple intended to switch the Apple Watch’s display to micro-LEDs.

Both the screen size and the resolution have been enhanced, with the former now measuring 1.47 inches. In terms of raw quality, microLED panels excel in terms of contrast management, color accuracy, brightness, and battery life. The Galaxy Watch 6 series might move away from OLED screens and toward a microLED display, what with the rapidity with which Samsung is making significant changes to its hardware this year and the aim of unsettling Apple.


It has been speculated that Samsung would enhance the performance of the Galaxy Watch 6 series in both software and hardware. SamMobile reports that the Exynos W980 chip, rather than the Exynos W920 chip used in the previous two iterations of the Galaxy Watch, would power the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6.

It has been speculated that the new chip will improve performance by 10% compared to its predecessor. It is speculated to be built on the cutting-edge 5nm manufacturing node, which provides more processing power and better battery life, all of which are essential features for today’s smartwatches.

 Not only will Samsung upgrade to a new CPU this year, but after three generations, Apple may finally upgrade the processor in the Apple Watch Series 9. However, after signing a partnership with Qualcomm, Samsung has decided to stop using Exynos processors in its flagship phones and instead use just Snapdragon chips.


Samsung looks to be paying heed to battery problems, with rumors suggesting that the Galaxy Watch 6 series would include a new chipset and sharper display. The larger 44mm model of the Galaxy Watch 6 has a 425mAh battery, which is an upgrade from the 410mAh battery seen in the Galaxy Watch 5.

There’s been no news on whether or not the more expensive Classic model would see a comparable increase in battery size, although it would be quite the technical feat to squeeze in a bigger battery while still allowing the actual bezel to rotate.

Battery life improvements on Samsung’s future smartwatches are something to look forward to, especially considering Google’s assurances that Wear OS 4 would place a strong emphasis on performance optimization. The current holy grail for Wear OS smartwatches is to achieve a battery life of more than a day without compromising on features like an always-on display and constant activity monitoring.


With the Galaxy Watch 6, Samsung will switch from using its own Tizen operating system to Google’s Wear OS for the third generation in a row of smartwatches. Google unveiled Wear OS 4 at its I/O 2023 conference and has since issued Developer Preview versions in preparation for a wider release this autumn.

When it comes to personalization, Wear OS 4 really digs in, and the Watch Face Format is where it’s at. It’s a new file format for making watch faces that don’t need any coding or APK packaging and require little in the way of upkeep for optimal battery life and performance.

As part of Wear OS 4, Google is releasing a new watch face editor that provides users with more options for personalization. Samsung has already launched an updated version of Watch Face Studio, making it possible to design a custom watch face without needing any knowledge of code.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Galaxy Watch 6 Release Date

Details about the Galaxy Watch 6 have not been announced by Samsung. However, Samsung has stated that it will have its Unpacked event in Seoul towards the end of July. While no other information is provided, we may assume that the Galaxy Watch 6 will be unveiled at this Samsung Unpacked event.

A new Galaxy Watch from Samsung usually makes its debut in the fall during the company’s annual Unpacked event. We expect Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic during an event in July of 2023, a month earlier than normal. Samsung has not confirmed the date of the event, however July 26 has been mentioned in speculations..

Price of Galaxy Watch 6

Due to Samsung’s price hike this year, we may be looking at the ranges which are The 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 costs $279, while the 44mm model costs $299. A variant with LTE capability typically costs an additional $30 to $50. It has also been speculated that the Galaxy Watch Classic (both 42mm and 46mm variants) may make a comeback. However, there have been contradicting rumors that have confused the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. The watch’s true pricing will likely be revealed shortly after Samsung’s Unpacked event where it is first shown off.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a cutting-edge piece of hardware that can hold its own against the best Android Wear smartwatches now available. It’s simple to operate, and it contains a number of functions that are either novel or enhanced over existing wristwatches. You may wear it all day long without worrying about recharging the battery. The lack of a rotating bezel is the only real drawback, and it may be enough to put off some potential buyers. However, if you’re in the market for a new Android Wear watch, the Galaxy Watch 6 is a fantastic option.

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