Leak News: Is there a New BMW 8 Series Coming Out?

Is there a New BMW 8 Series Coming Out

Yes friend BMW is growing with its upgraded generation BMW 8 Series. It is likely to hit the market by mid-2024. You cannot even imagine what innovation has been added to it. But there is no reason to worry, today I will share some information about it with you.

BMW 8 Series


The market price of any vehicle is never equal to its manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The retail price quoted by the manufacturer does not necessarily reflect the actual selling price of the BMW center. It also includes tax title license registration and some other adjusted market value.

Then the price of any car is determined. The BMW 8 series has three models each priced differently. Firstly, the 840i Coupe is $90400. Secondly, the 840i Convertible is $99990. Thirdly, M850i Coupe is $105700, and finally M850i Convertible 115000$.

BMW 8 Series Review

It is considered to be the most valuable of all the cars in the BMW series. Because it is convertible. This is a rarity in today’s automated world. Designed specifically for each person’s unique driving experience. Although it’s not as fast as the automaker’s M8 model, the car still produces plenty of power with either the standard turbocharged inline-six or the optional twin-turbo V-8. It has ample interior and rear space and the seats are extremely comfortable. Many people prefer the car just keeping in mind its comfort.


Upcoming BMW’s biggest suspensions like convertibles & coupes come with a 335-hp turbocharged inline-six-cylinder. These models run with an eight-speed automatic transmission drive in BMW’s parlance. There we didn’t test an 8 model with the six-cylinder.

Present-day BMW has created a better position on silky-smooth and responsive powertrains. So don’t worry and not be disappointed. This time, we’ve seen both body shapes of the M850i. They added a 523-hp twin-turbo V-8, eight-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive as standard.

BMW 8 Series

The combination is very nice for any car and provides a nice rich soundtrack for racing. The most important thing is that it will give you endless touring pleasure with extremely flexible and amazing athleticism. Because the transmission is based on the driver’s right foot, the transmission automatically shifts from relaxed to responsive.

As well as its steering feedback is linear and direct but the front tire feedback monitors road imperfections. Although these adaptive dampers depend on the selected drive mode. But with strict monitoring, they make cornering time significantly flexible. Above all, the car’s powerful brake system and pedal system will double your sense of confidence.

Interior and Cargo

Though, the 2024 8-Series interior provides all the comfort method and luxury features hoped for in a high-priced grand coupe. Per model holds 14-way power-adjustable heated front seats. The door will close automatically and very smoothly. Besides, glass control, additional high-end materials, glass control, and additional high-end materials.

BMW 8 Series

Not only that they can add many more individual options to it. Its interior space is so perfect that you can easily fit five to six bags inside and behind the car. But being convertible, leaving some space is mandatory. This is because the interior cubby storage center console is provided with a coverable tray in front of it due to its central day and ample door pockets.

Safety Feature

The car is equipped with several modern features keeping in mind the safety of the driver and passengers such as;

  1. “lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist”
  2. “forward-collision warning”
  3. “adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology”
  4. “automated emergency braking”

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