What is the 2024 Honda Civic Type R 0-60 Time & Top Speed?

Hi guys! What’s going on? We discussed the brand-new 2024 Honda Civic Type R 0-60 today. This car offers the total package when it comes to design, engine, and technology. The new Civic Type R has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with the same output settings as the previous model but with 315 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

Honda Civic Type R 0-60

Prepare to be captivated by the highly anticipated arrival of Honda’s newest sports car, the 2024 Honda Civic Type R. Building upon the legacy of its predecessors, the 2024 Civic Type R promises to deliver an unmatched combination of exhilarating performance, cutting-edge technology, and captivating design.

In this blog post, we dive deep into our first look at the 2024 Honda Civic Type R, exploring its standout features, turbocharged performance, advanced connectivity, and the perfect balance it strikes between comfort and sportiness.

Brand Model
Honda Civic Type R 2024
Standing 1/4-mile 12.7 sec
Top Speed 147 mph
Braking (70 – 0 MPH) 148 ft
0-60 MPH 5 – 5.3 sec

202  Honda Civic Type Price

The old Honda Civic Type R price starts at $38,000. It costs almost as much as the basic Toyota Supra. We expect the price of the new model 2024 Honda Civic Type R 0-60 to go above $40,000.

2024 Honda Civic Type Release Date

Honda has not confirmed a release date for this new car. We believe it will arrive in time for the 2024 model year. It appears that it will be released at the end of 2024 and possibly made available in early 2024 according to social networking sites and other car industry press reports.

Honda Civic Type R 0-60

2024 Honda Civic Type Interior

The inside of the Honda Civic Type R is simple compared to old model cars. There are several clear visual signals along. The latter has faux carbon fiber trim, red highlights, and the same comfortable and supportive front seats. Before burning your palm on the aluminum gear knob, be mindful of the surrounding temperature. A row of shift light indications is located on top of the new digital display to help prevent bumping against the redline in between shifts. Because the Civic Type R has the same amount of passenger and cargo space as the standard Civic hatchback. It should be a fantastic dual-purpose car.

2024 Honda Civic Type Engine

Similar to the previous model, the new Civic Type R engine supercharged a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and produces 315 horsepower at 6500 pm and 310 pound-feet of torque between 2600 and 4000 rpm. Other upgrades for the Civic Type R include a radiator and brake cooling. To enhance the four-cylinder symphony of the car, Honda has also raised the rpm at which the active outlet valve opens. The six-speed manual transmission of the new CTR should reward a lighter flywheel and an improved rev-match system.

In the dashboard of the Civic Type R is a 9.0-inch touchscreen that manages the newest touchscreen from Honda. It includes popular features like wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto as standard features in addition to a Wi-Fi hotspot that requires a subscription and wireless smartphone charging.

Honda Civic Type R 0-60

2024 Honda Civic Type R 0-60 Safety & Driving Assistance

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has not crash-tested the Civic Type R. We expect that it will continue to include a wide range of common driver-assistance technology. Important safety components must include standard automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning, lane-keeping assistance and the common lane-departure warning, and standard adaptive cruise control.

Honda Civic Type R Warranty

Honda offers an average engine and limited warranty along with two years of free service. Three years or 36,000 miles are covered by the limited warranty. Five years or 60,000 miles are covered by the engine warranty. If you have any questions about the Honda Civic Type R 0-60, you can ask us and follow our website.


The How Fast is a Honda Civic Type R 0-60 is poised to elevate the driving experience to new heights. With its striking design, turbocharged performance, advanced technology, and uncompromising comfort, the newest Civic Type R is set to make waves in the sports car segment.

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