New (2024) BMW i8 Electric Car: Release Date, Price, Full Specs, Pros & Cons

Luxury Meets Sustainability: Exploring the Features of the BMW i8 Electric Car 2024! Welcome to our blog as we embark on an exhilarating adventure, we explore the features of the BMW i8 Electric Car 2024! This groundbreaking car merges luxury and sustainability, providing a truly unparalleled driving experience.

BMW i8 Electric Car

Join us as we dive deep into its innovative technologies, exceptional performance capabilities, and eco-friendly designs which make this revolutionary automobile such a game-changer in automotive innovation!


After seven years since BMW first unveiled the original i8, and with 2024 just around the corner, we wait patiently for its replacement to make an impactful statement, BMW plans on unveiling something truly revolutionary with their second iteration of this plug-in hybrid sports car: The BMW i8. We expect something groundbreaking from it but until 2024 arrives, we won’t know exactly how.

BMW has not provided us with specs on the new i8, but we expect it to offer a similar electric driving range as the current i8, likely around 18 miles with different driving modes, or by taking advantage of public charging stations like ChargeNow.

The 2024 BMW i8 will be offered both as a coupe and roadster model and is anticipated to reach top speeds of 155 mph. Furthermore, its impressive array of features may include laser headlights, scissor doors, heads-up displays, and even ambient engine noise replication filtration technology.

2024 BMW i8 Electric Car Price & Release Date

Prepare to experience automotive innovation with the upcoming 2024 BMW i8! Set for launch sometime during Q3 2023, this plug-in hybrid sports car promises to impress enthusiasts worldwide. Estimates place coupe variant pricing around $160,000 while the roadster variant could exceed that.

Boasting electrifying performance combined with eye-catching design elements that redefine luxury while remaining eco-friendly – as its release date approaches, excitement builds for an opportunity to experience automotive excellence through this groundbreaking 2024 BMW i8!

BMW i8 Electric Car


BMW’s current i8 sports car is one of the most luxurious hybrid sports cars on the market, boasting great exterior styling. In addition, the i8 will come equipped with a Drive Mode Controller that enables drivers to choose between Eco Pro, Sport, and EV modes. Pressing the EV button will turn off the petrol engine while charging up its lithium-ion battery – giving a maximum electric driving range of up to 75 miles.

This will represent an impressive increase over the 18 miles the current BMW i8 can travel on electric alone. Furthermore, this modification will increase the top speed to 155 mph and improve fuel economy.


The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid car, featuring both electric and gasoline engines to maximize driving excitement and efficiency. Both engines work in unison to deliver maximum driving pleasure and fuel efficiency.

The current combined system output of 369 horsepower may seem impressive, but its successor, the BMW i8 M 2024 could offer even more impressive power. A high-torque electric motor should drive its front wheels while a turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine drives its rear ones.

This combination should produce up to 600 horsepower, and its battery is expected to allow at least 60 miles of driving between charges – making it capable of competing with hybrid sports cars like Acura NSX and Polestar 1 as well as nonhybrid models like Porsche 911 Turbo.

BMW i8 Electric Car


BMW stands alone as an innovator of luxury automobiles, featuring cutting-edge engineering and groundbreaking technology that make their cars truly special – something which stands true, especially with their electric vehicles. The BMW i3 is an economical four-door hatchback designed to navigate city driving conditions efficiently. Meanwhile, its high-performance hybrid sports car counterpart, the i8, has proven itself highly sought-after within its respective segments.

As BMW has already released their i8 hybrid coupe to market for seven years, it should come as no shock that their successor model features an enhanced plug-in hybrid powertrain and futuristic styling. The new model is expected to offer an expected combined gas and electric output of 600 horsepower, making it a direct competitor of BMW M Series cars. Furthermore, BMW will likely upgrade its iDrive infotainment system for a smartphone-style user interface.


Our investigation of the BMW i8 Electric Car 2024 reveals a remarkable vehicle that perfectly balances luxury with environmental sustainability. With cutting-edge electric technology, impressive performance specs, and exquisite design features like solar energy integration – it stands apart as an eco-friendly luxury vehicle, unlike anything we’ve experienced before! Experience its futuristic driving technology that promises to impress both car enthusiasts and environmentally conscious individuals.

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