New 2024 VinFast VF6: Price & Release Date – What We Know So Far

The 2024 VinFast VF6 is a Electric SUV. It will be too much popular once it will be released on the Market. Now, you will get some concept and basic information about this upcoming Electric Car 2024. Following the 2021 reveal of its midsized VF 8 and three-row VF 9 electric SUVs, VinFast used CES to announce two smaller models, the VF 6 and the VF 7.

2024 VinFast VF6

The VF 6 is a compact crossover that will challenge the likes of the Chevrolet Trax. It’ll be offered with Eco or Plus trims and power levels of up to 201 horsepower. Similarly to the company’s larger SUVs, the VF 6 will offer buyers the option of buying the car with the battery included or leasing the pack with a monthly subscription.

2024 VinFast VF6 Electric SUV Review & Performance

VinFast’s pricing structure isn’t quite as enticing as that of some other electric vehicle makers, but it does allow the VF 6 to be more affordable than most. As the smallest model in the company’s lineup, the VF 6 will be the cheapest of the bunch, with the Eco version capable of hitting a WLTP-estimated 280 miles on a charge and the VF 6 Plus offering an estimated 268-mile range.

Both versions of the VF 6 will be available with either front-wheel or all-wheel drive and feature an electric motor driving the front wheels. The base Eco model’s motor will be good for 174 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque, while the pricier VF 6 Plus packs 201 hp and 228 lb-ft. Details about the battery pack’s capacity and performance remain under wraps.

2024 VinFast VF6

The interior is similar to the rest of the VinFast SUV lineup, with a sparse layout centered around a single touchscreen display. A head-up display is also standard, displaying relevant information directly in the driver’s line of sight. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both supported.

Outside, the VF 6 is a bit more recognizable than some of its other offerings thanks to the help of design partner Torino Design. This is the same Italian design firm responsible for the VF 8 and VF 9. The VF 6’s edgy exterior will help it stand out in a crowd of electric SUVs.

2024 VinFast VF6 Electric SUV News & Features Update

The VF 6 will be sold with a 10-year vehicle and lifetime battery warranty, the same as VinFast’s other SUVs. The company’s new financing strategy also allows for 0% interest for qualified buyers and lease terms of up to 60 months. The VF 6 goes on sale in December and will be sold at select VinFast stores, as well as some traditional dealerships.

2024 VinFast VF6

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2024 VinFast VF6 Electric SUV Pricing & Launch Date

The Starting Price of the 2024 VinFast VF6 Electric SUV is $30,000. It is not the official Price but many sources wrote its estimated price within $30,000. The official Price of this Electric car will be announced later by the Officials. Till then, you can get ideas from here and prepare yourself to buy this upcoming Electric Car.

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