New 2024 Dodge Electric Car: Price, Release Date & Full Specs

Hello everyone and welcome to our website. Today we are going to discuss the 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car. The 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car is a battery-electric full-size pickup truck produced by General Motors under the Doge brand. It’s a near-production concept model, as expected. Surprisingly, it is a two-door Charger rather than a two-door Challenger.

Dodge Electric Car

The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept is the brand’s North Star as it moves beyond its legendary SRT hellcat engine and into the future. A new muscle car is always exciting. But when that muscle car is the world’s first all-electric AWD muscle car. The excitement level skyrockets. Several upcoming all-electric projects feature in Stallings’ recent virtual EV day, including a brand-new, all-electric Dodge muscle car set to debut in 2024. We are trying to describe clearly the 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car Release Date, Full Specifications, and Price. So, stay with us and keep reading.

2024 Dodge Electric Car Release Date

The 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car will appear in Fast X, the tenth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, which hits theatres on May 19, 2023. The first Dodge electric muscle car will not be available until 2024.

Full Specification: 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car

The 2024 Dodge electric muscle car may resemble a new generation. Challenger keeps its classic proportions while incorporating additional design elements, some more modern and others quite futuristic. The new ‘Greys of Thunder’ color of the concept version would complement its stealthy appearance. The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept features the ‘R-Wing,’ a radical front wing. It’s the distinct aerodynamic pass-through between the headlights, which almost disappear and remain hidden beneath. By allowing air to flow from the dual openings to the hood and further back, the R-Wing pays homage to the original Charger Daytona design.

Interior, Comfort & Cargo

The 2024 Dodge Muscle Car Charger concept is designed as a pair rather than the traditional four-door layout. The trunk lid is a lift-back design that opens to reveal a large cargo area. Furthermore, Dodge claims that the rear seats fold flat to provide extra space for larger items such as new tires. A large panoramic glass sunroof is visible, along with a cool pistol-grip shift lever and a fighter-jet-style cap that flips open for the ignition switch. The interior design combines modern technology with retro design themes, such as textured trim that looks like it came from a 1968 Charger.

Dodge Electric Car

Dodge Electric Car

EV Motor, Power & Performance

The current Dodge Challenger 2024 SRT Super Stock is powered by an 808-horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter V8. Dodge’s new electric muscle car will be built on Stallings’ new STLA large electric vehicle underpinnings. This implies that two electric motors can produce it.

With that kind of power, Stallings’ claims of a 2-second 0-62mph sprint time for its most powerful electric models appear very plausible. This is a new outfit with a capacity of 500 miles. And it is a new outfit with a capacity of 500 miles. That’s significantly longer than any gasoline-powered Dodge V8 has ever gone between fill-ups.

Infotainment & Connectivity

The 2024 Dodge Muscle Car concept’s interior sketches show a trapezoidal-shaped infotainment touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. It is an oblong digital gauge display with a slight curve. Whatever the ultimate design, the next-generation Charger will almost certainly include the most recent version of Stellantis’ Connect infotainment interface. As well as popular features such as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, onboard Wi-Fi, and over-the-air update capability.

2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car: Price

In this paragraph, you will find the 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car Prices in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Country Price
USA $50,000
Australia AU$ 47,290
Canada Ca$ 49,840
UK GBP 149,656.

If you have questions about the 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car, please leave them in the comments section. We will answer back as soon as possible. Finally, we hope you have understood the entire concept of the 2024 Dodge Electric Muscle Car. Thank you for staying with us.

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