New 2023 BMW 7: Pricing, Release Date & Full Specs

The 2023 BMW 7 is an all-new flagship sedan that aims to topple Mercedes’ S-Class as king of the luxury class. It boasts hedonistic levels of luxury, a sleek exterior look, and the latest tech. Its all-new cabin reveals exotic materials and fine detailing, while its available 31-inch Theatre Screen drops down from the ceiling to captivate rear passengers.

2023 BMW 7

Its fully powered doors eliminate Rolls-Royce or Mercedes-Maybach envy and allow for easier loading and unloading. The new 7 Series is 5.1 inches longer, 1.9 inches wider, and 2.6 inches taller than last year’s model, making it one of the largest cars in its segment.

Every new 7 Series comes with a full-color digital head-up display and BMW’s augmented reality Live Cockpit Pro digital instrument cluster. Its massive curved display integrates a 12.3-inch driver’s information and a 14.9-inch infotainment system, both housed in a single housing.

Behind the wheel, you get an intuitive interface and a flat-bottom steering wheel with multifunction buttons. Back-seat passengers get a pair of 5.5-inch digital control panels on their doors that let them operate everything from the multimedia system to sun shades to seat controls and much more.

2023 BMW 7

2023 BMW 7 Feature & Review

As a standard feature, the 7 Series gets a variety of driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control with lane-centering functionality and a traffic sign reader. For a premium, the Driving Assistance Professional package adds frontal-collision mitigation with pedestrian detection, road sign assistance, and automated highway driving functionality.

All-new iDrive 8 technology offers an improved, more intuitive interface and faster performance. BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant is now more responsive and can read more complex commands. A widescreen, touch-controlled display is also located on the instrument panel. It lets drivers manage all the infotainment functions as well as climate and hazard lights using BMW’s familiar iDrive menus.

2023 BMW 7 Performance

The big news for 2023 is that BMW will offer a battery-electric version of the 7 Series. The i7 xDrive60 uses a pair of electric motors to send 536 horsepower and 549 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. The i7 can do 318 miles on a charge, according to the EPA.

2023 BMW 7

In fact, if I were to pit the i7 against Mercedes’ EQS in a drag race, it would be hard for Mercedes to keep up. The i7 is also better equipped in the rear and more comfortable for passengers. Combined with its industry-leading tech, stately looks, and hedonistic luxury, it’s a clear dunk over its Benz competition.

2023 BMW 7 Price & Release Date

2023 BMW 7 will follow the same formula which successful and already used on the previous version. Here are some latest technology like Fast Driving and Big power. Some other attractive feature is available on the 2023 BMW 7 which was released at the beginning of 2023. The Price of the 2023 BMW 7 will start from $97,395. 

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